Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Meet the Staff - Lisa Bernstein

We decided that it's time to introduce our talented staff! Up first is Lisa. Look for more staff members soon!

Name: Lisa Bernstein

Hire Date: 10/2005

Title: Client Manager

What Does a Client Manager Do:
Best part of my job is working with our customers. I love the relationships that have been built over the years. I am always in awe at the talent and ambition of the small business owner.

Besides the customer management piece, I do a lot of the marketing for PowerCard including writing most of our blog (let me know if you have any suggestions for a post):


Work Experience:
I've waited on a lot of tables in my days, so I have a solid understanding (and respect) for how a restaurant works!
I have also been in the Marketing/Sales field for over 13 years now and have worked
at Ingersoll-Rand (Tactical Marketing), RightMinds Advertising Agency as well as SCOTTY Telecommunications.

Proudest Moment:
Giving birth to my son Logan in September 2010. I'm grateful everyday for that little guy.

What is Your Favorite Meal?
My husband is an amazing cook, he even went to culinary school. If I had to pick a favorite of his dishes, it would be his Vietnamese Pho Bo Soup.

Which Muppet do you most identify with?
Is this question because our company President's name is Kermit?

I would say Fozzy Bear. I love corny jokes. Here's one for you:
Q:Why are fish afraid of computers?
A: Because of the Inter"net."

Wocka, Wocka!

Contact Lisa Bernstein at:

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