Friday, April 29, 2011

Fraud Reports

In a continuing effort to improve the program, we have created new fraudulent activity reports which are sent via email. These reports are sent in an effort to detect possible fraudulent activity. Please disregard the reports if they are legitimate transactions such as a regular customer. You only need to contact us if action is required (research, void a transaction, etc..).

Report Descriptions:

Fraud Report - Same Day Ran Twice
Report will be sent if a rewards card is used multiple times at the same location on the same day.

Fraud Report - Same Server Previous Month
Report will be sent if a rewards card has been ran by the same server multiple times in the same month.

Fraud Report - Same Day With Even Amounts
Report will be sent if a rewards card is run multiple times in the same day with even amounts.

Fraud Report - Same Day over $400
Report is sent if an amount over $400.00 is added to a rewards card.

Fraud Report - Same Server - Redeemed Elsewhere
Report is sent if the points for a reward are earned at one restaurant by the same server then the reward is redeemed at another restaurant.

Please contact us with any questions.
877-229-7299 Ext. 1