Monday, August 8, 2011

After Hours/Weekend Service Information

- Please call our main office at 877-229-7299 with any support issues you have.
- Our office is open Monday-Friday from 9:00am to 6:00pm EST.
- You many also email us with any questions at
- If you need technical support, please email our tech team at

WHAT ABOUT AFTER HOURS/WEEKENDS?- Beyond regular office hours, please call our after hours line at 877-256-6883.
- Our call center will be able to assist you with verifying amounts of gift cards and running emergency transactions.
- They will also be able to leave a message for our tech support staff.
- A member of our team will follow up with your request the following business day (Monday-Friday).


What happens if a customer loses their card?

If a customer loses their card, issue a replacement card. The customer does not need to fill out another registration form. Once the card is issued, you can “Transfer Cardholder” in your client administration area:
You can also direct the customer to call the number on the back of the card to transfer it over the phone 877-229-7299

What can I do if a customer does not have their card with them on a visit?
If the customer’s card is registered, you can try adding points using their phone number. Transactions will be run the same way as if you had the actual card, except when prompted for the account number, is asked for enter the 10 digit phone number.

If this does not work, the customer can call 877-229-7299 or visit the following link:

Is there a way I can run reports and/or market to my customers?
Yes! There is a designated website for your restaurant that houses all reports, customer information, marketing tools – just sign in to your Client Admin:
Go to:
If you don’t know your username/password, click on "Don't know your username or password?" to have it emailed to you.

What if I can’t run transactions?
Immediately call and notify the us at 877-229-7299 or after hours at 877-256-6883. All transactions should always go through - we need to know so we can fix it.
Record the customer’s cardnumber, transaction amount, transaction type, and phone number. You can hand key their information once back up and running or send it to Originals office.

Call us at (877) 229-7299 or email 
if you have any questions or service requests.